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Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The Foreign Trade Division of the Steve Jobs Research and Studies Centre, led by Giuseppe Antonio Signato, as for external relations, and supported by its president, Dr Alberto Tripoli, along with Just Italy Style by Stefania Frasca as Fashion Division’s Manager and Keres Contorni for the Information and Communication Technology, currently represent a leading company in the selection of the finest master craftsmen operating in the luxury goods market.

The purpose of this company is to choose the best buyers among those who are seeking “authentic” luxury goods in order to enrich the identity of their retail merchandise and to provide their clients with the opportunity of living an emotional marketing on the new luxury high quality goods within Middle East Countries, Russia, China, Europe, America and India. The currently mission concerns the United Arab Emirates’ market paying specific attention to the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The growth of the luxury sector is already a scenario taking shape within all developing countries as a result of the economic development which caused the establishment of new social classes. This favourable projected framework involves the arise of new needs, which are branching out among those who purchase goods within countries characterized by an high economic growth, like the UAE, which prefer our Made in Italy goods as an expression of the luxury and the culture of our country.

Exactly in this instances there are currently arising new wealthy classes whose needs are to express themselves by the purchase goods of excellence branded Made in Italy. Undoubtedly, the so called goods made in China, Lithuania, Bangladesh, etc. strictly bound to the savage and non-regulated globalization market don’t represent the luxury at all. This phenomenon has misrepresented the idea of luxury around the world, or rather, it put in danger the image of the people who identify themselves and pursuit this kind of status.

Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The consumption of high level goods survives as a real stronghold of the market. So it seems like it is going through an additional increase playing a “leading role” within the economic outlook, especially concerning the Made in Italy which is an equivalent of luxury standing at the top rankings of world travellers. For most of the clients the source of goods represent a determinant choice factor.

Furthermore, it must be borne in mind that nowadays the 4% of the luxury consumer is responsible for 30% of the total consumption. Therefore, that highlight the ongoing bias in line with the tendency of the world’s wealth distribution. The True-Luxury clients as the top of the pyramid of luxury, are keeping a strong desire and a solid growth trend, notwithstanding the overall market’s slow down.

Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Ladies and gentlemen, in such a fast market as nowadays it is taken for granted that it is a coming back of the essential values like exclusivity, craftsmanship, quality and timeless classic renovated in a modern style. These features are considered fundamental instead of the mere exterior traits like brand awareness or appearance.

We are currently evaluating trading partners endowed with the right entrepreneurial insight in order to meet the high need of a shape of luxury that will answer in a suitable way the growing demands of the UAE and other international markets. The kind of need could only be fulfilled from the Italian know-how that we as a group are ready to share with those who can offer the right guarantee on their products for the new emerging and luxury markets which are also linked to the international tourism.

Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We offer, through Just Italy, the opportunity to provide your products with added value in order to allocate them into the luxury sector by means of our press office for marketing and external relations..


Some of the offered services:

  • Press Office
  • Fairs
  • Representation on field
  • Traceability and availability of the product on internet
  • Digital Business
  • Portfolios for products (essential for sale and advertising)
  • Temporary showroom
  • Targeted services, designed and suitable for every business need
    Just Italy 2020 Project – United Arab Emirates – Dubai and Abu Dhabi


Services change depending on the objective pursued by the Foreign Trade Division and due to the needs of the SMEs.

Currently we offer to invest the 70% of the selected services cost by non-repayable way, in exchange of a share of the sales previously arranged between the parties.

Fill the form at the link below stating which above-mentioned services are you interested in, or rather, what purpose you want to achieve.

A consultant will contact you in order to answer every question without obligation from either of the parties.

Thank you for your attention.

Team Just Italy - Steve Jobs Foreign Trade Division

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